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Carlie's expertise as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner combined with ICF accredited Mastery Method Certified Coaching, to bring you a unique blend of research backed science, nutrition and emotional mastery coaching. From alleviating debilitating menstrual discomfort to achieving your health goals, our services are designed to guide you on a personalized wellness journey.

About Carlie

Carlie is a highly accomplished professional with a strong passion for holistic health and wellness. With a Bachelor of Science, specializing in Cell and Molecular Biology, and a Natural Nutrition Diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Carlie possesses a solid foundation in both scientific knowledge and holistic natural healing practices.

As a Board Certified Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, Carlie combines evidence-based research with a holistic approach to help clients achieve optimal well-being. Through lab testing, personalized nutrition, supplementation, stress management and lifestyle modifications, Carlie empowers individuals to improve their health and address specific concerns, such as severe menstrual cramps, PMS, and heavy cycles.

Additionally, Carlie is an Emotional Mastery Coach and a Trauma Informed Practitioner, using her expertise to guide clients towards lasting, whole-body transformation. As a Mastery Method Certified Coach, trained through the Institute of Coaching Mastery and accredited International Coaching Federation institute, Carlie brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge, practical experience, and coaching skills to help clients overcome challenges and achieve lasting change.

With a deep understanding of the physical, emotional, and nutritional aspects of health, Carlie is dedicated to empowering women ages 20-40 who struggle with debilitating menstrual symptoms. By providing them with effective natural remedies, personalized nutrition guidance, and emotional support, Carlie helps her clients regain control of their lives, enabling them to thrive both personally and professionally.

Transforming Foundations, Elevating Every Level of You!

Embark on a holistic journey to wellness and transformation, where the foundation goes beyond mere diet and exercise. Elevate your life by cultivating awareness across all 5 levels. Embrace acceptance at each stage, paving the way for aligned actions and lasting, transformative change.

We're all biochemically individual, from our DNA, to our lifestyles and life experiences. The 5 levels of awareness are unique for each of us, and we will move through them at our own speeds. This is why what worked for your best friend, may not work for you.











Our Services

Taking a holistic approach to full body wellness

Balance Body & Mind

Emotional mastery coaching addressing unconscious programming, limiting beliefs, old conditioning and subconscious blocks preventing change.

Healthy Daily Life

Lifestyle modifications including sleep optimization, stress management, hormonal balancing, detoxification support, lymphatic drainage, and biohacking.

Nutrition Strategies

Customized nutrition and meal plans based on individual needs. 3rd part lab testing including to determine nutritional and emotional imbalances.

Guided Meditation

Reconnecting with self through internal work, guided meditation and negative-self-talk reprogramming. Increasing Vagal Tone for nervous system regulation.

Improve Your Life

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Health Insurance

Power Shape

Fitnes & Health

Because You Matter

How can we work together?

1:1 Personalized Support

The best way to work with Carlie. Dive deep into your physical and mental well being through personalized 1:1 coaching. Multiple options available based on level of support required.

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Ready to take matters into your hands, but not ready for 1:1 support? Dive into a self-paced program, The Ultimate Energy Method to start building up your foundations to lasting change.


Katie R

Carlie is a joy to work with, extremely supportive, and very knowledgeable in her field. She helped me craft a healing meal plan to make sure I had all the right nutrients to help my body recover from being sick! Her suggestions put me back on a path for recovery, and helped instill healthy practices for the future. I can’t thank her enough!

Kapil N

Carlie is a lot of fun to work with! I completed her Ultimate Energy Method Program, and learned so much, even reinforced and refined what I have been doing. Her check-ins and chats with her are a lot of fun, and it is great to see the breadth of knowledge she has to provide, and even the recommendations she has in terms of different conditions, and professionals to connect with. My main concern was maintaining my energy throughout the day, after activity, and getting a restful sleep. Carlie's hints, tips, suggestions, and recommendations, even with supplementation, has made a great difference!

Danielle C

Carlie has coached me back to my power by helping me embrace the part of me that is upset with all things not coming according to my plan. I was so stressed out with all my deadlines being moved and other projects getting delayed. With her coaching, I came to understand that my current situation is actually helping me become more the person I aim to be as an entrepreneur - flexible to changes and in flow than rigid. Thank you, Carlie. Lots of love, Dane.

Core Values

Knowing your values are key to creating lasting change and alignment. Carlie only works with clients who understand feel in alignment with her values. These are values she hold dear to her heart and keep her focused during challenges in life.

Honesty & Integrity Above All

Being honest, showing up with full integrity & transparency with myself first, my clients/friends/family. If I can't be honest with myself around my own limitations, I can't show up fully in any other aspect of my life.

If I don't know something, I will tell you. What I know now, is what i'm sharing. As science is always evolving, so is my knowledge beliefs and recommendations to my clients. I do my best to always share what I know and believe in this moment.

Embrace The Uncomfortable

This statement was once a trigger for me.

Anything worth doing starts from a place of unknown, a place of discomfort. It's why the term "growing pains" exists.

Growth can be painful, emotionally and mentally challenging, and always completely worth it. Growth = change.

With new energies comes new feelings of discomfort. This is the growth zone, where real change happens.

Progress over Perfection

As a recovering perfectionist, getting stuck in perfection paralysis is real. It stunts you from growth and reaching your full potential. Progress is key to constant forward momentum. Any step, any action, no matter how small, beats inaction. Perfection is never and end goal because true perfection doesn't exist. It's an illusion. We're constantly evolving, changing, and learning. What feels perfect right now, will not be a year from now. keep progressing proward.

Stagnation is the Killer of Dreams: Learn, Grow, Evolve

Never stop learning, growing, and evolving your mind, body and spirit. It's all connected and always changing.

When you allow yourself to reach stagnation:

  • of the mind, your dreams die,

  • of the body, your body dies (all disease is stagnation of the body)

  • of the sprit, your legacy dies

Stop comparing yourself to others. You are not them, you are you. You've lived a different life, full of different lived experiences. You are not better or worse than. Stop comparing your past - experiences, body, education, or choices.

Love Yourself Now

You will never be more youthful that you are now in this present moment. Learn to love yourself now, as your full human potential.

You cannot change your past, you cannot predict or ensure your future, all you can do is love yourself now, as an imperfect human having a fully human experience.

Love yourself now for the person you are, the person you show up as, the body you live in, and the life you've created up until now. You are doing great!

Do You Have Queries? Please Go Through 'Frequently Asked Questions' First

This are the most common questions received from clients

Are your services covered through my insurance/benefits?

Sometimes. While I am covered under many private health insurance/benefit packages under the title of nutritionist, nutritional counselling or counselling services, not all company providers choose to include this in their packages. I do not provide direct billing so you can always submit to your insurance for reimbursement or use receipts for para-medical expenses with your taxes (ask your accountant for specifics).

My Dr. said I have nothing wrong with my hormones and everything looks normal, should I still get help?

Absolutely. If you didn't feel well, you wouldn't have gone to your Dr in the first place. Just because your labs look normal, doesn't mean they're optimal (there's a difference). There are many different approaches to health and the traditional/allopathic/western medicine is amazing at emergency medicine and symptom management. What this means is they look at the problem at hand, and fix it so you're not experience the symptoms, which means you feel better. This is why if you break a bone, have a heart attack, or need surgery, they're the best.

I often work with my clients primary care practitioner (if they're willing), and together we can help you feel better. We are not trained in the same methodologies and therefore we can take different approaches to address your needs. Most medical school curriculums have a maximum of 2 weeks of nutritional training in their programs, or less. They're also not trained in root cause, whole body assessments (nor do they have the time in their busy practices to dive deep into your history).

I'm a really picky eater, I can't work with a nutritionist because I only like a few things.

I've worked many picky eaters. There's a reason you're a picky eater and this can come down to a variety of reasons like adverse childhood experiences with food, texture/sensory processing challenges, nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, or microbiome imbalances. By assessing where the picky eating stems from, often times clients decide to naturally expand their palette, or their body starts to crave foods they once refused to eat. Our bodies are smart and have a propensity to balance (they want us to feel better) and sometimes this involves your taste-buds changing to adapt to your needs.

I've had problems for years and nothing has worked, i'm out of options.

I hear this all the time. People don't land on 'alternative health' until they've gone through the traditional routes without answers. Every practitioner i've worked with was in the same boat. They tried it all, nothing worked, they received little-to-no help and finally decided to become a practitioner themselves to address their health or a loved ones. Holistic health is often a last-ditch effort for many clients because they feel the traditional route has failed them, they felt unheard, or misunderstood. This is why we look deep. When did the problem start, was there an physical/emotional/unconscious trigger, did this stem from generational triggers. I dive deep! And when necessary, we test. Nothing beats having a visual representation of what's going on to get real answers.

My hormonal issues are horrible, I have PMS, cramps, endometriosis, PCOS, heavy cycles. I've tried it all and nothing has helped.

You are my person! I've been there too on my own journey, I had all the 'diagnoses' that didn't stick. I was put on birth control pills for decades non-stop (no periods/no break through bleeds) in order to 'fix' my cycle and nothing ever helped. So I hear you, I feel your pain, and I want to help! It makes no sense that we're lead to believe our period should be miserable, or we should be miserable all month long because we have a period. This just isn't the case. There's always a reason, and sometimes it's deep. Sometimes it takes months/years to address it, but we've usually struggled with it since our pre-teen years and it doesn't go away over night. I've got you!

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